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The operational guidance on the vaccination of people working or deployed in care homes has been updated to provide a link to the procedure to be used by an individual who needs to apply for proof that they are medically exempt from vaccination.

The first thing to note is that the temporary self-certification ends on 24 December, so from Christmas Day all those who are medically exempt will need to verify their status using the NHS Covid pass.

The individual seeking proof of medical exemption will have to phone the NHS Covid Pass service on 119 to ask for an NHS Covid Pass medical exemptions application form. They will then get an application form by post and will have to return it to their GP or relevant clinician stated on the form. The application will then be clinically reviewed by the individual's doctor, specialist or midwife. The results of the application will be received by post 2 to 3 weeks after applying and if the individual gets a medical exemption they can use the NHS Covid Pass. The Pass won't show others that the individual has a medical exemption, it will just show that the individual has the Pass. However, the individual will also get a confirmation letter which they should keep for their records. This letter will have to be used to prove that they are unable to get vaccinated if they work or volunteer in a care home.

Pregnant women do not have to use the Pass if they choose to use a medical exemption. If they have a mat B1 certificate they can show this instead. The exemption will expire 16 weeks post-partum to enable them to become fully vaccinated after the birth.