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In the latest webinar in our agile series we were pleased to be joined by agile coach Alan Valentine, former Head of Agility at CBRE and Agile Coach at Photobox.

Alongside our partners Emma Burrows and Rebecca McGuirk, Alan gave us his expert views on how technology will be the answer to many of the issues we face when working agile including increased productivity and to help us stay connected as teams.

Have you tried a fully virtual AI meeting? According to Alan, the fully immersive experience of a virtual meeting is definitely the way forward as many businesses trial new ways of optimising meetings, from automated scheduling tools, workflow programmes and full facial recognition to check if you are paying attention in a meeting.

It perhaps isn't surprising when polled that over 98% of attendees have increased the use of technology over the last 12 months. When asked if they intend to invest in further tech in the near future, 60% said they would invest in more tech to help with connectivity in a hybrid world, 46% of attendees said they would be investing in tech to improve productivity and 21% said tech would help improve teambuilding. With hybrid working here to stay, tech is certainly on the forefront of employer's minds.

With a myriad of privacy and data protection considerations, we also explored the legal implications as businesses invest more in tech to aid productivity and connectivity.

You can watch the full video recording on demand here.