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In this series, we have put together a collection of short videos covering a range of legal topics that Finance Directors might routinely come across.

We hope that they will be helpful as you steer your businesses towards post-lockdown recovery and beyond.

5 things to think about if you want to apply for an ESG loan

The awkward thing about sustainability is that it means something different for every business. So where do you start and why does this matter? Katharine Lewis takes a look at the environmental, social and governance loans and provides some helpful considerations.

Reviewing standard terms & conditions

Contracts come in all shapes and sizes, Louis Sebastian provides key things to look out for when reviewing standard terms and conditions.

Cyber security and fraud

Organisations hold a huge amount of data and a data breach can be damaging to both reputation and the bottom line. Chris Recker takes a look at the risks organisations should be aware of and shares our top tips on what organisations should be doing to improve their cyber security and mitigate the effect of cyber attacks.

Data protection – adapting to unexpected changes
 During this session, Riccardo Abbate provides an overview of the data privacy issues that have arisen from the dramatic changes organisations have faced since the lockdown began, particularly with employees working from multiple different locations, increased physical separation and treatment of employees.

We hope you find this series useful and if you have a specific legal issue you would like us to cover in a future bitesize video series, please contact Alison Chivers.

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