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In this series, we have put together a collection of short videos covering a range of legal topics that Finance Directors might routinely come across.

We hope that they will be helpful as you steer your businesses towards post-lockdown recovery and beyond.

Reviewing and negotiating heads of terms for debt finance

Heads of terms, for a bank loan or otherwise, are an opportunity for contracting counterparties to set out their key expectations and commercial terms for a transaction. Simon Valner discusses how to get them right.

Planning for staff changes

As a result of Covid-19, companies are looking to change staff structure and the working environment. Listen to Danielle Ingham discuss furlough, redundancy and more.

Exclusivity agreements

Exclusivity agreements are commonly used on share acquisitions and business acquisitions. Claire Scanlon provides tips on things to consider such as duration, breaches and more, when drafting exclusivity agreements. 

Corporate governance during Covid-19

Rita Dattani discusses what steps companies should take to ensure that the board is kept informed and satisfying its fiduciary duties during Covid-19 and beyond, both as a matter of oversight and in the context of board actions.

NDA 101

Victoria Smithers takes a look at non-disclosure agreements and some of their key provisions, including the purpose of an NDA, duration of confidentiality obligations, restrictive covenants and indemnities, execution and enforceability.

We hope you find this this series useful and if you have a specific legal issue you would like us to cover in a future bitesize video series, please contact Alison Chivers.

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