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Financial difficulties are presenting unique pressures on charities, requiring them to think more creatively about how they can have a positive impact.

We are all feeling financial strain now more than ever, but charities are perhaps feeling the pressure more than most. At the same time as seeing their own income and resources falling, charities are also seeing an increase in demand for their services as more people find themselves in need of support.

Charities therefore need to maintain, or increase, their income levels, and lower their costs in order to secure their future and ensure that they achieve the maximum impact from the resources they do have over the longer term. This may require trustees to think more creatively about how they are setup, how they access funds and how they operate.

Join us for this event, with detailed discussion from experts on:

  • Options for efficient corporate structures;
  • Staff structuring and how to manage staff in a cost-of living crisis; and
  • Disputed legacies and how best to preserve them; 

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