Paul Bartter, Partner

"I've been involved in varied projects - including a new island being built out of the sea in Bahrain."

Why did you decide to join Trowers & Hamlins?

When I came to Trowers, I hadn't done proper construction work, but I'd done a lot of project finance - so we agreed I'd work 50/50 in each area. This meant that Trowers could call on my existing expertise, and I could get the experience I wanted on the construction side. Trowers has really stood by this agreement.

What sort of projects have you worked on?

I've had really varied work, from advising a wealthy homeowner who's building a new extension, to getting involved in a new island being built out of the sea in the Middle East.

There's work acting for developers, doing residential and mixed-use projects and advising contractors and hotel developers. I'm also heavily involved in advising on energy from waste and bio-energy projects.

What's different about the firm?

There's a real consensus amongst people who've come from other firms that Trowers treats its staff really well. It's really non-hierarchical and friendly here. I'd only been at Trowers a few weeks, when I was invited to lunch with the Senior Partner, along with a selection of people from all over the firm including solicitors, secretaries, finance people and admin support.

There's a real culture of people being allowed to make time for their friends and family. It's not just respected - it's encouraged that you'll have a home life and social life as well as a work life.

If you hadn't become a lawyer, what would you have become?

I think I'd probably be a chef or a restaurateur if I wasn't a lawyer. I'm really into my cooking.

What three words would you use to describe Trowers & Hamlins?

Unique. Supportive. Professional.

What three words or phrases would you use to describe yourself?

Calm under pressure. Analytical. Thorough.