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Anna Clark, Partner

Anna Clark, Partner

I certainly don't comply with the stereotype of a City banking lawyer

Why did you decide to join Trowers & Hamlins?

In my previous role I dealt almost exclusively with the social housing sector. I was ready for a change but didn't want to change the type of client I worked for. I already dealt with Trowers and I knew they were big in social housing. They focussed on the sector where my expertise lay - and I knew I'd be working with people who were passionate about it.

What's different about the firm?

I've been able to work flexibly since I've been here. This was agreed when I started - and it's always been honoured. I work four days a week - three days from the office, and then two mornings a week from home. The firm is set up to make sure that this kind of working pattern works well.

What's different about you?

My early career's been spent amongst people who work for not-for-profit organisations. So I certainly don't comply with the stereotype of a City banking lawyer. In my spare time, I sit on the board of a charity that provides help and support to vulnerable people.

If you hadn't become a lawyer, what would you have become?

If I wasn't a lawyer, I'd probably be working for a charity. Or I might be a social worker.

Tell us about a really exciting project you've worked on?

During the last financial year I was working for the HCA, helping provide funding to restart residential building that had been stalled because of the recession. I helped to get the money out of the door right up until the last day of the financial year. We were the firm instructed to prepare the standard form documents, and were involved with everything from initial negotiations to closing the deals.

What three words would you use to describe Trowers & Hamlins?

Friendly. Expert. Accommodating.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Friendly. Commited. Flexible.