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Housing Delivery Partnerships – Removing barriers through collaboration
18 October 2017

Housing Delivery Partnerships – Removing barriers through collaboration

Partnerships of all kinds are not easy things to get right. They take work and commitment, good will, flexibility and compromise. That is no less true of housing delivery partnerships.Partnerships between the private sector, housing associations and public sector organisations with the aim of increasing the supply of new homes of all types are a vital part of the effort to tackle the housing crisis.

But establishing such partnerships can seem daunting and organisations that are considering embarking on the journey may decide instead on a different route. That is partly due to a lack of knowledge and a perception that housing delivery partnerships are time consuming and overly complex to establish.

In the interest of furthering the understanding of how housing delivery partnerships are put together – and how the partners can make a success of them – our report gathers together the experience of six different partnerships in Cornwall, Brighton, Sheffield and London.

These partnerships are at various stages of their lifecycle and range from the delivery of a few hundred units to over a thousand, but common themes emerge in how the partners built strong partnerships that can overcome the unforeseen challenges that inevitably emerge. The report explores how partners have gone about building these strong relationships, gives a guide to the pitfalls partners might experience and how they can be avoided and describes the different kinds of structures that partners could adopt.

But most of all it gives those who are thinking of setting up a partnership to deliver homes a sense of the questions they need to be asking right from the outset. Only by asking the right questions will you come to the right answers and form an approach that is best suited to your circumstance and thereby delivering much needed homes in your local area.

To view the interactive Housing Delivery Partnerships report click here.

To view a PDF version of the report click here.