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Thought leadership

Thought leadership

Comment and opinion from the legal front line.

Creating healthier places

We recently convened the third of our think tanks considering progress on and opportunities for joint working between the health and housing sectors, in conjunction with the London and South East branch of the Health Estates and Facilities Management Association (HEFMA).

Thinking Real Estate Issue 8

Welcome to the seventh edition of Thinking Real Estate, where we share thoughts and ideas on topics across the real estate industry.

Regenerating and future proofing our town centres

The future of our town centres is high on the national agenda with the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee recently publishing its “High Streets and Town Centres in 2030” report.  This is the outcome of a six month inquiry into the future role of the high street in contributing to the local economy and the health, cohesion and cultural life of the local community.

Report - The future of workplace investment

In the past, investors have been able to put their money in safe commercial stock and expect a solid return. The rise in profile of co-working and flexible workspaces, and occupier demand for more fluidity, means landlords are having to do more to keep up with the competition.

Report - Estate regeneration: creating a new generation of neighbourhoods

The need for large-scale estate regeneration is established – but how can it be delivered in a way that adequately involves residents and has their buy-in and support?

Collaboration and successful partnerships: Delivering homes and communities

The long established approach to development whereby local authorities provide the land and a private sector partner contributes the money is becoming less common and less clear cut. Delivery partners are looking at new ways to harness their combined strengths to work together more successfully. We hosted a roundtable at London Real Estate Forum (LREF) with key industry figures from both the public and private sectors with a wealth of experience in setting up and working in partnerships.

Thinking Real Estate Issue 7

Welcome to the seventh edition of Thinking Real Estate, where we share thoughts and ideas on topics across the real estate industry.

Intermediate care: How can private care operators provide pain relief for the NHS?

Over the previous winter the average hospital had approximately 200 patients on its wards who had been deemed medically fit for discharge at a cost estimated to be between £300 and £360 a day. Many care providers have said there is sufficient availability in their sector to accommodate these patients, so why aren’t the transfers taking place and what can be done to avoid the crisis repeating itself this winter?

Tackling tenure: balancing operational flexibility with customer certainty

Following Savills’ and Trowers & Hamlins’ successful retirement for rent roundtable in late 2017, chaired by Jane Ashcroft CBE, we reconvened for a further discussion in spring 2018 to move the conversation forward.

Thinking Business Issue 5

Welcome to the next UK edition of Thinking Business, with the latest market insight and opinion on issues affecting businesses in your region.

Making modular work in Manchester and the North West

In our second roundtable on modular construction we looked at the particular challenges of developing modular accommodation in Manchester and the North West, as recently highlighted by Joanne Roney, Chief Executive of Manchester City Council. 

Is it time that we started taking modular construction seriously?

Modular construction is not a new term but, in the current climate, has become the buzzword to describe a whole range of methods relating to off-site fabrication, including component, and volumetric systems.

Creating healthier places

Outcomes from our second West Midlands health and housing round table.

The Real Value Report

Establishing the real value in development

Thinking Real Estate Issue 6

Welcome to the sixth edition of Thinking Real Estate, where we share thoughts and ideas on topics across the real estate industry.