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Trowers wins the Hermes Responsible Property Investment ‘Lawyer of the Year’ award

Trowers wins the Hermes Responsible Property Investment ‘Lawyer of the Year’ award

International law firm Trowers & Hamlins was selected as the ‘Responsible Property Investment (RPI) Lawyer of the Year’ by client Hermes Investment Management, the £30.8 billion manager, at the recent Hermes Investment Management RPI Awards.

Hermes Investment Management has been a client of Trowers & Hamlins for over a decade, advising on real estate matters including sales and acquisitions, development, property management and construction.

Winners were selected based on criteria that measured how suppliers interacted with their teams and managed the complex programmes they were implementing.

Hermes Investment Management selected Trowers and commended the firm for its negotiation skills and approach to green issues. This included:

  • Delivering ongoing improvements in negotiating green leases - 52.1% of leases negotiated by Trowers & Hamlins in the last 12 months included green clauses, with a strong record of 80% of those leases including five of Hermes Investment Management’s seven standard green provisions
  • Demonstrating a strong record of effective and proactive engagement in health & wellbeing programmes, including the WELL certification
  • Providing focussed support on RPI objectives

Sharon Brown, Associate Director – Real Estate Risk & Environmental Impact, at Hermes Investment Management, commented:

“Our awards are performance based and our decisions are centred around the evidence of our suppliers' contributions to achieving our goals. We were particularly impressed both by Trowers & Hamlins performance in negotiating green lease clauses and their proactive approach with our wellbeing programme. We look forward to continuing the good work together in 2018."

Patrick Morris, Deputy Client Partner at Trowers & Hamlins, said:

"We are delighted to receive this award from Hermes Investment Management. It reflects the importance we attach to the development of our clients' business and is testament to the value we place on our relationship with them. Like Hermes Investment Management, we are passionate about creating sustainable places, and having a tangible and positive impact upon the real estate market, and it's fantastic to receive recognition for it."