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Trowers & Hamlins has launched "TrowersEvolve", a portfolio of practical legal technology-based solutions for clients. TrowersEvolve unifies the firm's legal tech and AI solutions to offer advanced client solutions for our clients' day-to-day legal challenges. TrowersEvolve incorporates machine learning, generative AI, workflows, document automation, client portals, data analysis, apps and more.

Commenting on the launch, Anna Browne, Trowers' Head of Innovation and Legal Technology said:

"TrowersEvolve is a new chapter for the firm. It's a fusion of our legal expertise and deep understanding of our client's businesses, together with the latest technology, to deliver enhanced services to clients in faster timelines with data driven insights." 

The ability of AI solutions to quickly review, in some cases, thousands of documents is a particularly relevant example of the usefulness of these solutions across sectors. TrowersEvolve also supports clients with their day-to-day legal requirements through innovative solutions that, for example, automate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency. With new developments in generative AI, TrowersEvolve will continue to develop and expand through new technology to best meet changing client demands. 

Senior Partner, Sara Bailey commented:

"The fast and exciting developments in legal technology, and in particular AI enabled solutions, are breaking new ground for the legal profession. Tasks which previously would have taken many hours of lawyers' time can now be done more quickly, meaning our clients can instruct us on work that they previously would not have asked their lawyers to undertake. The benefits to clients are immense and they hugely enhance our clients' experience. I'm excited to see TrowersEvolve launch and will be keenly watching it grow in scope across the firm."