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Trowers & Hamlins and Centre for New Midlands hosted a crucial roundtable discussion with the generous support of Jadu aimed at fostering digital transformation within local government across the region. We were delighted to be joined by 15 leaders in Local Government all involved in driving innovation and change in their communities. 

The primary objective of the discussion was to devise actionable strategies that would unlock the potential of digital technology to enhance service delivery, a potential that has yet to be fully realised.

The discussion was organised around four key topics, each drawing on the participants extensive experience: 

  1. Understanding what Local Government aims to achieve through digital transformation
  2. What does the average local authority look like for digital transformation 
  3. Current barriers to digital transformation and how to remove them
  4. Policymaker's and local government’s role in digital transformation

The roundtable underscored the critical role of enlightened leadership and strategic collaboration in driving digital transformation. By learning from international success stories and leveraging the potential of digital technology, local governments can enhance service delivery and improve residents' lives.

For more detailed insights and action points from the discussion, download the full roundtable report below.