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In Part 3 of our demystifying injunctions webinar series we looked at employee competition injunctions including 'springboard' injunctions.

In Part 3 of our Demystifying Injunctions webinar series we looked at scenarios where an employee seeks to unlawfully compete with their current or ex-employer. This may involve the misuse of confidential information or a breach of restrictive covenants to poach customers or staff.   

In certain circumstances, the court will grant injunctive relief against the employee to enforce contractual rights. A 'springboard' injunction is designed to cancel out an unlawful advantage or head start that an employee may have gained from their former employer.

In this webinar, Michael Rhode, Steve Dunseath and James Lancaster were joined by Thomas Croxford KC of Blackstone Chambers. We looked at the type of injunctions that can be obtained against competing employees, the circumstances when they are commonly required, what must be established to obtain them and the practicalities of obtaining and responding to such injunctions.

This Q&As webinar session was recorded and can be viewed here: