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This session was focused on changes to the new consumer regulation regime now that the draft consumer standards have been published and the Social Housing (Regulation) Act is in force. 

We explored the key provisions of the revised consumer standards and their long term impact on consumer regulation, whilst further discussing what the new regime will emulate, ways in which organisations should be preparing for the upcoming statutory changes, and considered what some RPs are already doing. This included thoughts from the Regulator on the new regime and pilot inspection programme, and thoughts from RPs who took part in the pilots.

We were pleased to welcome the following speakers:

  • Darren Hooker, Senior Associate at Trowers & Hamlins
  • Angela Holden, Assistant Director of Consumer Regulation. Angela led on the pilots and was able to provide some useful insight.
  • Jenny Allinson, Director of Corporate Governance at Bernicia and Emma O’Shea, Chief Operating Officer at Aster Group. Both Jenny and Emma were heavily involved in the pilots that their organisations went through. 
  • Jenny Osbourne, Chief Executive of TPAS, who is a leading tenant engagement expert and has been heavily involved in the consumer standards pilots being run by the Regulator of Social Housing. Jenny shared her views on how RPs are now, and how they should be, approaching tenant engagement.

You can watch the full recording of this webinar below and download the slideshow here.