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In this month's edition of Local Government Matters we are pleased to launch our bitesize podcast series on Public Subsidy. Our team explore a range of different issues, including how to get ready for the new act, applying the subsidy control principles in practice and understanding the new requirements of MFA and SPEI, amongst other topics. It's a really useful resource for anyone who wants to know about what's coming but doesn't want to the read the act and the guidance!

The troubles in Thurrock have prompted much debate about Councils' exposure to financial risk. We thought therefore that it would be a useful time to remind readers about the Governance Risk and Resilience Framework and Toolkit published last year by the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny which we both sponsored and contributed to. It is another really useful tool for local authorities as it identifies the seven characteristic of good governance allowing Councils to do a self -assessment of their own positive and negative behaviours, including the way risks are reported and managed. We include a link to the CfGS toolkit and our own podcast series exploring the seven characteristics.

There are a range of other topical items from our local government team including articles on the more muscular approach to regulation of Local Housing Authorities, some procurement challenge case reviews and much more.

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