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Since the launch of the Levelling Up White Paper in February 2022, the Trowers & Hamlins team have been undertaking roundtables, seminars and podcasts with those across the public and private sectors to garner their views on the agenda.

Download our Levelling Up White Paper bulletin here.

These views have been mixed - as has the assessment of the likelihood of success of the ambitions set out in the paper. Advocates and critics however agree on one thing - the concept of Levelling Up is here to stay, even if the agenda itself morphs over time.

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill initiates the legislative journey of the agenda. The proposals include the devolution of greater powers in relation to skills, transport and budgets, provides additional regeneration tools to local leaders and proposes significant reforms to the planning regime. As is to be expected, there is significant emphasis on regeneration and “place “in the new bill as it endeavours to give more weight to local plans, proposes market reforms on housing and land and the creation of a new locally set infrastructure levy from developers and ensure that new developments meet clear design standards. Clearly there are significant changes proposed, the impact of which will be felt for some time to come should they come to fruition.

In this Levelling Up thematic deep dive, our expert team have undertaken a sector-by-sector analysis into the ambitions set out in the white paper. With increasing activity across Whitehall on the agenda, this publication sets out a helpful summary of what to expect over the coming months and years.

Download our Levelling Up White Paper bulletin here.