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The Commonwealth Games were first held in 1930. The 2022 event is now being held in the great city of Birmingham – where we opened an office 10 years ago. We are incredibly pleased that we have played a part in helping to make this fantastic festival of sport and culture a reality. In this edition of LGM we proudly include information on the work we have done for Birmingham City Council as host city for the Games.

Continuing the sporting theme we have also included an article on the state of the local authority leisure market and the seismic impacts of both the Covid – 19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine on service provision and service providers. There are other interesting articles for the team on non-procured land deals to assist in local authority place making aspirations, the move from MEAT to MAT under the Procurement Bill (game changer or damp squib?) and many other topical articles and podcasts. We hope you will find something of interest in this edition.

Good luck to all the Home Nations in the Games (and also to Australia - Editor's privilege!)

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