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The rising cost of living is a significant concern for charities, more recently compounded by worsening economic forecasts and the impact of anticipated government austerity measures. Approaching such unprecedented times can be considered from a number of different perspectives.

Our panel of Trowers experts covered key issues and potential solutions for charities and their boards to consider. 

In this Q&A webinar we covered the following:

  • Knowing what real estate you own and maximising your real estate assets.
  • Compliance issues, merger activities, Restructuring corporate tax, Governance tax - what is your financial position and the changing landscape impact on your finances.
  • Corporate changes, partnering and mergers to help make you more resilient, and an update on charity law compliance.
    Increasing cost of finance, funding options for a charity, Ethical funding options - who are they and where to find them. 
  • Charity financing – thinking about external funding? Issues to consider including green and ethical investors and how they can assist you in fulfilling your financing needs. 
  • Employment perspective - engagement, inclusion, retention and employee support options for a supportive, employer of the future. 

The webinar was recorded and can be viewed below.