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With all LIBOR-based loans scheduled to convert to SONIA or some other interest basis by end 2021, this webinar explored the necessary requirements housing associations should consider in order to prepare for the switch to SONIA.

Our speakers covered the below frequently asked questions:

  • What are borrowers and banks doing now?
  • Is SONIA the only option?
  • Can I choose when to switch? Is there a good business case for waiting?
  • Are there any documentation pitfalls?
  • How will I know that the Credit Adjustment Spread is correct?
  • Is it possible to negotiate a better deal?
  • And who is going to pay?

Speakers included:

  • Adrian Jolliffe, Managing Director, 2tix ltd Consultancy
  • Neil Waller, Partner, Trowers & Hamlins

The webinar recording can be viewed below: