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A trio of Trowers experts talked through recent developments in the social housing sector in relation to green and sustainable finance, as well as discussing lessons learnt from acting on the sector's first sustainability linked loans and all the things a housing provider needs to know before embarking on a sustainability linked loan.

The webinar discussed the Sustainability Reporting Standard for UK Social Housing for UK Social Housing which was launched this week. This standard aims to provide a sector wide framework for registered providers for ESG reporting. The standard covers 12 key themes with 48 different criteria (split into core criteria which all registered providers should be able to report on and enhanced criteria which they can work towards).

Trowers was involved in developing the standard (the only law firm involved) and we are very proud to be an endorser of it. We believe the Sustainability Reporting Standard should prove to be a very useful tool for funders and registered providers. Funders frequently tell us that they are searching for clear, comparable ESG metrics and the standard should hopefully ignite investor interest and bring a new capital stream of funding to the sector.

The full webinar recording can be viewed below: