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For over ten years now we have welcomed senior housing officers to discuss the latest issues, both immediate and longer term.

This year our annual council housing event focused on four key topics:

  • Building safety – Scott Dorling discussed the latest Building a Safer Future proposals.  The new legal regime will have major cost and liability implications for councils. 
  • Housing Revenue Account – Ian Doolittle suggested ways you can make the most of your HRA, especially to increase the supply of homes – and also how the relationship between HRA and the General Fund can work to mutual advantage.  
  • PWLB and alternative funding options – Neil Waller considered some possible alternatives to PWLB for future funding, including bond issues, private placements, bank debt and the potential use of interest rate swaps.
  • Council housing vehicles – Rob Beiley explained the pros and cons of the various models on offer, helping you identify the right one for your needs, free of the jargon and 'selling' which can get in the way. 

The full recording of the webinar can be viewed here: