ESG health check

ESG is becoming increasingly prominent in the business landscape and is an important metric for investors when assessing the attractiveness of a busines, and for other parties entering into contracts with your business, particularly within the public sector.

The Trowers & Hamlins ESG health check will assess and report on your current ESG metrics, with bespoke advice upon the next steps to take.

What is ESG?

An umbrella term underpinned by key concepts of transparency and fairness, capturing issues such as the environmental and social practices in the operation of a business. It is made up of three components:


How a business minimises its environmental footprint not only in the goods or services it sells, but also throughout its operations and wider supply chain.


The wider social impact of a business and the workplace culture it cultivates. The themes of equality and fairness are central.


The decision-making protocols of a business including its ethical behaviour and transparency about its activities.

Why does it matter?

It is important to review your current ESG position so that you can assess how you are doing and undertake a gap analysis.

Understanding your current position is essential so that you can consider how and where improvements are needed, and so that you can celebrate successes.

What it will help you to achieve

Our essential ESG Health Check includes a comprehensive assessment of the ESG measures in place in your business, resulting in a report on our findings to identify issues and suggest solutions. We will then advise you upon how best to implement ESG policies and practices and any other ways to mitigate risk and promote good corporate behaviour.

Our health check will pull out information about your business practices and our report will flag where you are doing well and where and how improvements can be made. You will have a full overview of your ESG compliance with detailed analysis of key risks

Some examples of our responsible business related support

  • Support and recommendations on introducing ESG driven decision-making
  • Support and recommendations on an appropriate framework and monitoring matrix
  • Undertaking gap analysis against the framework to identify areas for improvement
  • Reviewing or providing appropriate organisational policies
  • Providing training to board and senior management to underpin those policies
  • Support with setting and implementing a stakeholder engagement strategy