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Real estate investment

Real estate investment

A well informed and approachable team with the experience necessary to advise on all aspects of real estate

A fundamental understanding of property investment is the key to a successful real estate practice, so we provide more than just a firm grasp of the law. By fully understanding our clients' needs we identify the commercial issues which are of paramount importance to them. In doing so we build strong bonds with our clients and are well known for offering a friendly, efficient and proactive service.

Property investment is not a "one solution fits all discipline". The vagaries of the property market mean that we must move with the times, and we are constantly developing strategies to enable our clients, whether an individual for whom the property represents their sole investment or a large institution with a portfolio valued in £billions, to maximise the growth and potential of their properties.

We are flexible and able to respond not only to our clients' everyday demands and needs but also to provide them with advice on more esoteric areas such as tax efficient ownership structures. In doing so we draw upon our vast experience of commercial property investment, involving where required the firm's expertise in other specialisms including planning, tax and construction.

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