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Offshore trusts

Offshore trusts

A team of tax and estate planning specialists who concentrate on advising individuals, families and trustees both in the UK and internationally.

If you are a UK resident and domiciled beneficiary of an offshore trust, you will be subject to a number of complex anti tax avoidance provisions. These are aimed at matching the trust's income and gains (that will not be subject to tax in the trustees' hands) with benefits that you receive in the UK.

If you are non-UK domiciled and you have assets abroad, an offshore trust can be a way of protecting overseas income and gains from taxation in the UK. In some circumstances you can use an offshore trust to fund your UK living expenses without having to pay any tax in the UK, which can make the UK a very attractive place to live. In some circumstances an offshore trust can also help to protect assets from UK Inheritance Tax.

This is a constantly evolving area and recent and upcoming changes in the law has meant that all individuals should be reviewing their affairs to make sure they are fully compliant with all applicable UK legislation.

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