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Contentious Estate and Trusts

Contentious Estate and Trusts

A team of tax and estate planning specialists who concentrate on advising individuals, families and trustees both in the UK and internationally

We have brought many claims on behalf of spouses and children (including adult children) under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975.

We have also advised on significant numbers of disputes between siblings over their parents' Wills and estates.

Challenging Wills on the ground of undue influence or lack of capacity can be difficult but we have the expertise to forensically examine the facts and gain the necessary evidence.

We have also dealt with cases involving the removal of executors/trustees for failing in their duties to properly administer the estate.

Another closely associated area in which we have long standing experience is in bringing claims, typically in the farming community, to redress the situation where lifetime promises have been made to one child that he/she will inherit the farm/business only to find that on the death  the promise has not been honoured.

These issues are often highly emotional, and we have the experience to deal with them sensitively and dispassionately.

Many such cases are best resolved by Mediation which is a quicker and cheaper and less confrontational method of resolving disputes than going to court, and Paul Keeling, in particular has extensive experience of representing parties at Mediation  to achieve the best outcomes.

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