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Accommodation PPP

Accommodation PPP

The largest team of dedicated housing experts in the country delivering value for money through innovation and quality advice that is pragmatic, reliable and consistent

The development of Public Private Partnerships has brought to the market a viable delivery mechanism for public sector investment projects. We have experience of working with both private and public sector parties in this area. Our expertise includes working with our client to formulate a viable structure that will take into account various different elements, all of which we can offer advice on, these include:

  • tax exposure
  • project finance
  • the allocation of risk and responsibilities between the private and public parties

We have found each project is unique and all the matters must be considered on a case by case basis. We have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting the relevant documents for a project and are also aware that at all times we must communicate with our client and be able to advise them on any risks they may be exposed to at any one time that could affect the commercial viability of a project. We do not complicate structures and have found that throughout a project it is important to maintain a flexible approach to allow for any changes or restructuring of the proposed project.

The projects include considerable involvement in projects regarding the redevelopment of halls of residence and academic buildings in the higher education and educational sector.

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