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Fraud & Investigations

Fraud & Investigations

Unfortunately disputes occur in all businesses. When they do we can provide you with clear advice on where you stand and what remedies are available to you.

The impact of fraud

The cost of fraud to the UK economy has been estimated to be as high as £193bn and whilst only the major scandals hit the headlines, organisations of all sizes can be affected . Action Fraud estimates that 70% of fraud is now "cyber enabled," which is unsurprising in circumstances where cyber-attacks, data breaches and hacking are becoming almost a daily occurrence.   The true cost of fraud is more than just a number.  Penalties from regulators and damage to reputation can lead to business disruption, lost trade, not to mention the management time and cost involved in internal investigations and disciplinary procedures.  We are able to draw on our extensive experience of dealing with regulatory and investigatory bodies to manage the process and give tailored advice to limit the impact upon an organisation.

Who do we act for?

Our team of specialists can guide public, private sector and third organisations on all aspects of preventing and responding to fraud and corruption.  When it comes to recovering losses and minimising damage, the key is to be proactive and not reactive. We, therefore, draw on our extensive experience to minimise the impact of a fraud event.

Our approach

We act to help prevent fraud and regularly advise on anti-bribery and fraud prevention issues. This includes (but is not limited to): drafting and updating policies, managing anti-fraud/whistleblowing helplines, giving training to senior managers and company directors and carrying out internal investigations where allegations of fraud have been made.  Our experienced team adopts a three pronged approach:

Prevent – advising on how to minimise the risk of fraud and corruption, risk reporting and the development of robust counter fraud strategies.

Investigate – gathering evidence quickly and conducting in depth investigations when issues come to light.

React – when misappropriated assets are suspected, reacting efficiently and decisively can mean the difference between recovery and loss.

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