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Unfortunately disputes occur in all businesses. When they do we can provide you with clear advice on where you stand and what remedies are available to you

Commercial disputes

We have a wealth of experience of proceedings in the Commercial Courts, acting for clients from the UK and many other jurisdictions in relation to performance disputes, cases of fraud and asset recovery, breach of warranty claims, disputes over letters of credit and trade finance and obtaining and defending injunctions.  Our areas of expertise include: 

  • breach of contractual warranties; 
  • defamation; 
  • large value asset recovery; 
  • intellectual property disputes; 
  • partnership disputes; 
  • professional liability; and
  • regulatory investigations by all UK criminal authorities and public and private regulators.

The substantial payments of commercial transactions are based on some form of contract or agreement.  When disputes arise and we offer a comprehensive pre-action risk assessment setting out your rights and the courses of action open to you.  Good risk management and prompt guidance can often avoid a protracted and time consuming dispute.  In most cases litigation can be avoided.  Most contracts or agreements should set out clear procedures for dealing with any disputes and disagreements and it is important that these are understood and followed before any unilateral or external action is undertaken.

Contractual disputes

Our dispute resolution team works closely with clients to ensure that wherever possible contractual disputes are resolved promptly and professionally.  All members of our team regularly advise on a wide-range of contractual disputes and the different methods of resolving the same, including where necessary proceedings in the High Court or County Court.

Even where contracts accurately set out what has been agreed by the parties, disagreement can arise in a wide range of areas.  These include: 

  • illegality or ultra vires; 
  • interpretation of clauses; 
  • completion of agreement electronically; 
  • mistake and misrepresentation; 
  • termination and notice periods; 
  • non performance and discharge by breach; and
  • recovery of assets and/or damages.

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