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Training for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Training for the Fourth Industrial Revolution


The fourth industrial revolution is not yet a reality - but it is very close.  Driven by digital technology and nano-engineering, sooner or later it will change our world fundamentally; and the changes will be most obvious in the ways that we create our cities, towns, suburbs, villages.

Product design; materials manufacture; construction and maintenance; architecture; and the ways we produce and distribute goods and services, and food and drink - big changes are coming that will affect all of these things. Manual labour will be directed to different activities, and new types of technical decisions and professional judgements will be required.

We need now to imagine and prepare for these changes, if we are to manage them fairly and responsibly. The benefits are potentially enormous.  Instead of staring anxiously into a future of deeper job losses and greater economic inequality, we can instead work to create a society in which:

  • skills are dispersed and made available to all;
  • development of communities is decentralised;
  • calmer, cleaner, healthier places are created; and
  • new ownership models emerge and new ways of working, learning and re-creating.

Blight and afflictions such as long-term unemployment and benefits dependency, homelessness, poor health stemming from bad buildings, and low skills attainment, could be addressed with new confidence.

But how do we go about re-imagining our communities in ways that make these things achievable?  How do we prevent a dream from becoming a nightmare?  And who will educate the educators, and train them to address the needs and ambitions of children, young people and lifelong learners?

Trowers & Hamlins, Dudley College and the University of Wolverhampton have assembled a team of inspirational speakers, including the celebrated food writer and activist, Jack Monroe, to help to us find answers to these crucial questions.

Event details:

Date: Thursday 4 May 2017
Time: 9:30am - 1pm
Venue: The Great Hall, Dudley College

To find out more information about the speakers or to RSVP please click on the reservations tab at the top of the page.