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Challenge fund launched to support 10 local authorities
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Challenge fund launched to support 10 local authorities

£1m Challenge Fund launched to support 10 Local Authorities - application deadline 10 February.

Spurred on by the success of the 3BM launch in 2013, a new fund has been set up to support ten innovative local authorities (either individually or in partnership) develop new models for service delivery. The Delivering Differently Challenge is a £1 million fund set up by the Cabinet Office, the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Local Government Association and the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives. The fund will be split into allocations of £100,000 which local authorities are encouraged to apply for by filling out an expression of interest form by 10th February. The forms are available on the following Gov.UK weblink:

The fund has been set up to support those local authorities who are looking to transform the services in their area through innovative delivery vehicles such as shared services, joint ventures and mutuals. To qualify for the fund, you should aim to implement a new delivery model from FY13/14 and will need to demonstrate the drivers for change, the outcomes that you want to achieve and your proposals for engaging with staff or other organisations from the public, private and voluntary sector.

Trowers & Hamlins have been involved in a number of ground-breaking delivery models and advised the authorities on 3BM ( In a "more for less" climate, we have seen a real drive in ambitious local authority clients setting up creative and pioneering ways to deliver services and reaping the rewards such as reduced costs, increased efficiencies, new ways of working and increased staff morale. The Challenge Fund is a welcome development and we look forward to seeing how the recipients of the fund use it to transform services in their area. If you would like to discuss how different service delivery models could be used in your authority or organisation, please contact Helen Randall ( or 0207 423 8436).