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How Scottish independence will affect Public Private Partnerships

What will happen to Public Private Partnerships if Scotland were to vote to leave the United Kingdom in September?

Tax Compliance - A Procurement Requirement

With the media taking an increasing interest in the tax behaviour of some of the nation’s largest companies, a recent Cabinet Office policy note sets out the government’s latest position in bringing big business into line through the procurement regime.

On 1 August 2014 – It’s goodbye to the Industrial and Provident Society

From 1 August 2014 Industrial and Provident Societies will become either co-operative societies or community benefit societies.

Challenge fund launched to support 10 local authorities

£1m Challenge Fund launched to support 10 Local Authorities - application deadline 10 February.

New EU procurement directives are approved

New EU directives on public procurement and concession contract award were adopted by the European Parliament on 15 January 2014.

Spinning out: was it worth it - Andy Rennison

Andy Rennison, Managing Director of 3BM Education Partners, comments in the Guardian on the challenges in establishing an employee mutual.

New EU thresholds from 1st January 2014

New thresholds now apply for supply, services and works contracts from 1st January 2014. Contracting authorities who are procuring contracts over these values will be required to follow the procurement rules for tendering and awarding public contracts. This week's blog will examine where these new threshold changes apply.  

NAO issues memorandum on the role of major contractor in the delivery of public services

Earlier this week, the National Audit Office (NAO) issued two memoranda on its website challenging the government and private sector contractors to work together more effectively and address the issues behind what they perceive as the current crisis of confidence in contracting out public service.

Cap on Service Charges

Updated cap on service charges for central government funded works - "Consultation on Protecting Local Authority Leaseholders from Unreasonable Charges."

Barnet Council wins Court of Appeal hearing against its One Barnet change programme

Judgment was handed down today, 2 August 2013, by the Court of Appeal in R (Nash) v London Borough of Barnet.  This is a landmark case on outsourcing of public services and has been closely monitored for the implications it will have on local government and the outsourcing market and the commissioning council model.

Whistleblowing developments

Whistleblowing is never far from the news and, as of 25 June 2013, the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 (the Act) introduces various changes.

Service delivery models

These are unprecedented times for local authorities and with momentum gaining on the take up of a range of innovative delivery models, the pressure is on during the unstoppable march towards greater efficiency.

Combined authorities debate at The Guardian’s Local Government Leaders Quarterly

Last week I spoke at The Guardian's latest Local Government Leaders Quarterly event in Leeds which explored the future of combined local authorities.

General Power of Competence

The Government still bangs the drum for Localism and regardless of political complexion, most councils support the concept and actively seek to engage more and more with the local community (even if, under the guise of Localism, it has to pick up the financial and political risk from the transfer of Council Tax support). The General Power of Competence (GPC), in section 1 of the Localism Act, is the jewel in the Localism crown, giving apparently substantial powers of self-determination, free from the shackles of central prescription.

Launch of Trowers Public Insight Blog

Welcome to the new Trowers Public Insight blog covering topical issues and legal developments affecting you, news and views and items of interest from across the Public Sector.