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New CCS policy note on selecting bidders in procurement exercises

The Crown Commercial Service has issued a Procurement Policy Note (Action Note 8/16) which contains a Selection Questionnaire, which replaces the CCS's standard Pre-Qualification Questionnaire published in 2015. The PPN provides guidance on the use of the Selection Questionnaire and on selecting and excluding suppliers.

Cautionary tales from public procurement case law

This blog considers two points of interest for contracting authorities which arise out of the judgement in the public procurement case of Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust v NHS Swale Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley [2016] EWHC 1393 (TCC) dated 27 May 2016.

Apple’s € 13 billion (plus interest tax bill)

The EU Commission has for some time had what it perceives as 'unfair' tax advantages offered by some EU member states to selected multi-national corporations. Its rationale is that this distorts competition against those other businesses which are not so favoured. Starbucks and Fiat have previously been found to have benefitted from similar tax advantages.

What’s next for UK procurement law?

Following the success of the "Leave" vote in the EU referendum, the UK must now negotiate the most complex divorce in European history.

The morning after that referendum

You might be relieved to know that that this blog contains no dodgy statistics; fails to speculate about the relative merits of the Norwegian versus North Korean trading models and absolutely does not tell you how to vote. No doubt David Cameron, Boris Johnson and others will make up for these oversights.

Delivering Good Governance in Local Government Framework - a review of the key principles

CIPFA has updated "Delivering Good Governance in Local Government: Framework", with effect from financial year 2016-17 (2016 Framework).  This blog is interested in the updated key principles as well as the requirements for the annual governance statement.

Helen Randall at the White Paper Public Procurement Conference

Helen Randall, partner at Trowers & Hamlins was invited by White Paper to address an audience of government, local authority and private practice lawyers

Smart Cities - the only viable option to address future urban growth?

Some of the statistics with regards to Smart Cities and the potential opportunities they offer are staggering.

Procuring service concession contracts

Following our previous blog, in this instalment, we will examine the consequences of a contract falling within the definition of a concession. One of these consequences, which sets a maximum length for concession contracts, is particularly severe.

Service concession contract or public service contract?

This is the first of two blogs about the new procurement rules for concession contracts.  The Concession Contracts Regulations 2016 will come into force in England and Wales on 18 April 2016, with the compulsory transposition of the Concessions Directive (2014/23/EU).

Added Value in Leisure Outsourcing

Changes to the procurement regime brought in by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 are having a big impact on the delivery of leisure facilities by local authorities.

Procurement of Social Care Services

The procurement of social care services falls within section 7 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 ("PCR 2015") and as such contracting authorities have flexibility over the manner in which they go out to tender for such services. All contracting authorities should comply with section 76 of the PCR 2015 and ensure that the procurement process complies with the principles of transparency and equal treatment of economic operators.

March 2016 Budget - Issues for Local Authorities

Head of public sector commercial, James Hawkins, comments on the Budget 2016 which was announced today.

Achieving outcomes through innovation follow up

Our key learning points from the annual public sector conference are now available.

Achieving outcomes through innovation

The Trowers & Hamlins Public Sector Commercial team held their annual conference at Church House Conference Centre on Thursday 4 February 2016.