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The Health Tech Survey 2017

The Health Tech Survey 2017

Welcome to the first Trowers & Hamlins Health Tech survey.

Over the last 20 years technology has revolutionised the way we live our lives. It has transformed how businesses operate across all sectors having a real impact on how they perform and develop. Many sectors have embraced technology from banking (Fin Tech) to property (Prop Tech) and healthcare will not be immune to the technological impact. The healthcare sector has been slower to engage with technology but has now started to look at the benefits that technological advances can bring to encourage efficiencies in costs and processes, for example, personalised medicine and encouraging patient engagement.

It is clear that the government and the NHS are beginning to see the value that technology can add to the healthcare sector, however this appears to currently be on an aspirational and policy level and the effects are not yet being fully felt on the ground. NHS digital and NHS accelerator are two recent examples. Integration is going to be one of the key hurdles for the NHS as it seeks to deliver a more effective patient focused service and technology will be a key driver in assisting the NHS in meeting its objectives.

This survey outlines the basis from which we can monitor the uptake of technology across the sector and assess how it is working in healthcare now, and how it develops in the future.

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