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Trowers & Hamlins helps bring innovative digital autopsy technology to the UK

Trowers & Hamlins helps bring innovative digital autopsy technology to the UK

Trowers & Hamlins is advising Malaysia-based iGene on the UK roll out of its innovative, new generation, post-mortem facilities that have high-definition 3D visualisation capabilities to undertake a non-invasive autopsy. 

iGene signed contract for the first digital autopsy facility in September, and the new facility is due to open in Sheffield later this year.  iGene plans to roll out these new generation digital autopsy facilities around the UK, with a second facility due to open early next year in Bradford.

The comprehensive iGene software connects to standard medical CT or MRI scanners and allows a digital visual of the body to be inspected in 3D and findings recorded in multimedia.  Experts can see through layers of clothing and parts of the body with the wave of a mouse on a touchscreen.   

There are numerous benefits of the digital autopsy service:  digital evidence remains intact and can be reviewed, fractures and foreign objects can be spotted more easily, and families can quickly learn how their loved ones died without having to cut open the body. 

Matt Chandran, founder of iGene, commented:  "We are working closely with local authorities to offer what we call Digital Autopsy Managed Services.  In the UK, approximately 45 per cent of all deaths are cases that require an autopsy – quite a significant number.  However, the traditional post-mortem process can be off-putting for many families who have to suffer unnecessary delays before burial or cremation.  We want to provide local authorities with another option that they, in turn, can offer to their residents."  

Amardeep Gill, Public Sector Commercial partner at Trowers & Hamlins, added:  "We are delighted to be advising iGene as they launch in the UK.  This technology will give local authorities the ability to offer more choice to their residents and help ease some of the emotional stress that a standard autopsy may cause.  For thousands of families the autopsy process can be overly invasive and time-consuming, and now councils can offer a low-cost, digital alternative." 

In addition to the UK, Trowers & Hamlins is advising iGene on the roll out of its digital autopsy technology across the UAE.  The Trowers team advising iGene comprises Amardeep Gill, Andrew Howson, Louis Sebastian, Caroline Hayward and Charles Morrish.