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MPs cite Trowers & Hamlins in All Party Parliamentary Group Commission report

MPs cite Trowers & Hamlins in All Party Parliamentary Group Commission report

City and international law firm Trowers & Hamlins has been discussed in an All Party Parliamentary Group Commission report into public procurement of construction entitled "A Better Deal for Public Building".

The report highlights that “one of the more successful tools for delivering improvement in procurement” is "the PPC2000 partnering contract Trowers & Hamlins produced 11 years ago."

The report highlights that PPC2000 was described, in an independent report by Arup for the Office of Government Commerce, as “a complete procurement and delivery system, distinct from other types of contract available” and that according to RICS, 6 per cent of all UK construction projects in the past 10 years have used it.

Dr David Mosey, Head of the Projects and Construction group at Trowers & Hamlins is quoted in the report as saying:

“This contract, in all its 11 years of use, has never been to arbitration or litigation. That is bucking a trend. I’d suggest it’s perhaps underestimated what this approach can achieve. The contract was used for Job Centre Plus, achieving a 24.8 per cent savings against a £981m forecast.”

The report highlights that the PPC2000 partnering contract:

  • Unlike other forms of contract, features a combined two-stage procurement structure (an early, conditional appointment, followed by an unconditional one) in conjunction with a single contractual hub that everybody signs.
  • The parties sign a contract on the basis of early information. They then have a set of programmed activities to finalise design, working with the contractor as well as with the consultant team, building up price, building up sub-contractors and suppliers through a joint and very clear process, getting to the stage where there is sufficient pricing and programming information for the project to start on site.

Chris Paul, a partner in the Projects and Construction group of Trowers & Hamlins provided input to the development of early contractor involvement as a key feature of the Government's Construction Strategy through his contributions to the Procurement / Lean Client Task Group which published its final report in July 2012.  In addition, Dr David Mosey has now been invited to join the Trial Project Delivery Group and Trial Project Support Group set up by the Cabinet Office and Infrastructure UK in order to monitor and support the wide range of trial projects that will now test the Government's recommendation of early contractor involvement in practice – using PPC2000 as one of the recommended forms of contract.