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Sind Sie ein Rechtsreferendar oder eine Rechtsreferendarin? Denken Sie an eine Wahlstation in London? Dann bewerben Sie sich doch bei Trowers & Hamlins!

Why Trowers & Hamlins?

We have run successfully a German Referendar programme for 28 years.  Our programme consists of spending some time generally in both our litigation and our corporate departments.  Like any of our other trainees, we expect you to be a full member of the team from the day you join. You will be given responsibility and will work on client files in conjunction with a partner or an assistant.   Sharing an office with a partner or an assistant means that they are responsible for your training and day-to-day development.  We want to make your time with us as useful to you as it is to us.

We aim to take on two German Referendars at any one time, although should you find yourself to be the only one you will still find it easy to join in.  Trowers & Hamlins is a sociable firm and there are many official and unofficial social activities organised on a regular basis. For example we have an annual party, pub quizzes and karaoke evenings, and quite often you will find yourself invited for a drink after work.

If you would like to learn more about how to become a Referendar with us then please contact Rosie Turner ( Rosie is our Graduate Recruitment & Development Assistant who oversees the Referendar programme. She will also be responsible for helping you integrate into the practice once you have arrived, and will be on hand to answer any queries and help you settle in.