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Henna Malik

Henna Malik

First seat trainee

Looking for a training contract is a two-way process and it’s also vital that you eliminate the firms that don’t fit with you culturally. As a mother, I was concerned about the practicality of training to be a lawyer and I talked to a number of firms. Trowers didn’t see my personal circumstances as a barrier to success.

Starting out as a trainee can be incredibly daunting, but there is a lot of support available at Trowers. Everyone here is very approachable and that makes the transition to life in a law firm a lot easier. Working with my supervisor has been amazing – not just for the work she gives me, but for the amount of time she puts into developing me as a lawyer.

I’m actively involved with Aspiring Solicitors – an organisation committed to increasing diversity in the legal profession. They helped me and I’m now one of their professional ambassadors, working to open up the law to people from all sorts of backgrounds.