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Diversity and inclusion

We are very proud of our open and inclusive culture and at Trowers & Hamlins we strive to create an environment where an individual can be just that, an individual.  Whether it's through our TrowersIncludes activities led by our Equality and Diversity Committee or simply as a result of a culture of fairness and transparency, we can point to a track record of hiring, retaining and promoting from a truly diverse range of backgrounds. We are committed to providing opportunities for all partners, employees and applicants regardless of individual characteristics and circumstances such as ethnicity and culture; disability; marital or civil partnership status; maternity or pregnancy; faith, religion or belief; sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity; gender or age.

We believe that a commitment to diversity and inclusion is essential to reflect the society we serve today.  In addition to helping us to attract and retain the best talent, it enables us to understand and meet clients' needs more effectively and so provide a better quality service.  This commitment is reflected not only in our policies and procedures but through internal and external initiatives, including diversity awareness sessions; seminars on topical issues such as work/life balance; and involvement with the local community.  We provide opportunities for our staff to work with and help those locally through a number of initiatives, ranging from reading schemes to work experience. In doing so, we encourage a wider understanding and experience of diversity issues which are not just limited to within the firm but which impact on the wider community within which we work.

Diversity in action

Trowers & Hamlins is also proud to be one of 40 leading firms who are founding signatories to the Law Society Diversity and Inclusion Charter, the flagship diversity initiative of the legal profession. Other organisations with whom we are involved include:

  • Black Solicitors Network: the firm came in 8th for number of female partners
  • Aspiring Solicitors:  an organisation focused on increasing diversity within the legal profession.
  • Stonewall: the firm is a member of the Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme, Britain's leading good practice forum on sexual orientation in the workplace, which allows us to develop and share good practice with other participating employers.  As part of this programme, the firm participates in an annual benchmarking exercise to enable us to measure progress as a diverse employer and maintain our commitment to sexual orientation equality.

As a firm, we continue to look at ways in which we can all work together to create an environment where equality, diversity and inclusion are central to how we operate.  For further information on how Trowers & Hamlins promotes diversity, please get in touch with our partner responsible for Equality and Diversity, Helen Randall.

Diversity statistics - UK
Position Male (%) Female (%) Declared non-minority ethnic (%) Declared disability (%) Heterosexual
/straight (%)
/Other (%)
First generation university (%) Works flexible hours (%)
Partner 65.3 34.7 6.9 0 75.3 7.9 43.6 13.9
Solicitor 39.3 60.9 11.7 1.4 84.8 2.8 31 9
Other fee earning role 60 40 14 0 76 6 30 4
Support services 31.9 68.1 13.1 2.3 83.5 3.8 17.8 29.1
Total UK 43.4 56.6 11.8 1.4 81.5 4.5 27.9 17.9