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Latest legal updates

Housing Litigation Update Autumn 2015

Welcome to the autumn 2015 edition of Housing Litigation Update

Autumn Statement 2015: Housing summary

Housing and Regeneration partners Suzanne Benson and Ian Graham comment on the Autumn Statement 2015

Autumn Statement 2015: Adult social care in a precarious position at best

Kyle Holling, partner and co-head of the Health and Social Care Group, commented on measures relating to social care announced in the 2015 Autumn Statement

Autumn Statement 2015: Stamp duty hike on second homes

Adrian Leavey, Real Estate partner, comments on the announcement in the 2015 Autumn Statement that stamp duty will go up for buy-to-let homes. 

Autumn 2015 Spending Review - Impact on Local Authorities

Commentary by Helen Randall and James Hawkins (Public Sector Commercial)

Associations look to axe non-statutory repairs

Housing associations are seeking legal advice about their statutory requirements as they look to cut back on repairs and maintenance services without breaking the law.

Planning for your future: The new rules for ex-pat estate planning in Dubai

What impact will the Dubai International Finance Centre's new wills and probate rules have for non-Muslims?

Top tips for Buy-to-Let Landlords

Our Commercial Property team highlight some legal responsibilities Landlords often forget about

Measuring the IPMS impact

For Dubai to remain a globally attractive Property market, the government has started efforts to bring more efficiency and transparency in business practices.

Office-to-resi rights: What effect will the extension have?

Permitted development rights for office-to-residential schemes are to be made permanent. But with a lack of policy detail, what effect might it have?

£400m warchest to rescue affordable housing deals

A major equity investor has created a £400m warchest to buy up affordable home deals as interest from housing associations wanes.

What happens to your savings when you die?

Legal experts in Dubai explain where your savings go in the event of an untimely demise.

HR Law - November 2015

Welcome to the November edition of HR Law.

CEL Annual Lecture - Current issues in public procurement: a view from Luxembourg

Solicitors from Trowers & Hamlins LLP's Public Sector Commercial department attended the Annual Lecture of the Centre of European Law at The Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London on the evening of Monday 2 November 2015.

BIM bytes: Beyond beta - unpacking what the NBS BIM Toolkit has to offer

The NBS Toolkit is a software tool to assist users in drafting the contents of the Employer’s Information Requirements and the various documents that map the stages of production of BIM for a project.

Disposals consent change ‘could boost development’

Relaxation of regulation around disposals of homes could aid development, but other regulatory changes would make a bigger difference, housing leaders have said.

Evaluating valuations

As the 1% rent cut looms on the horizon, David Blackman investigates the impact on the valuation of housing association stock.

Employment Investigation framework tool

Investigations tend to take on a life of their own incurring considerable time and resource and culminating in lengthy and detailed reports that often miss the points required for the investigation to be effective.

Greg Clark seeks to reassure housing associations that ONS reclassification makes no difference

The decision by the Office for National Statistics to reclassify housing associations as public bodies caused some consternation across the sector last week, but communities secretary Greg Clark has today sought to allay concerns.

SEN and sensibility

Special educational needs (SEN) is becoming an increasingly popular market for private providers.

Delivering a strategic vision of place

Partners from Trowers & Hamlins LLP's Public Sector Commercial department facilitated a discussion at MIPIM UK with senior officers from a range of local authorities and regional growth boards to debate the current opportunities and challenges in delivering a strategic vision of place including and how regeneration projects could be brought forward in light of current market conditions across the country.

£60bn added to public sector debt – but possible new freedoms for housing associations?

Some of the biggest landlords in the UK heard today that the Office for National Statistics has reclassified them from being private organisations to being "public non-financial corporations".

Legal Viewpoint: Crucial details omitted in permitted rights measures

In an announcement that was slightly overshadowed by publication of the Housing and Planning Bill later the same day, planning minister Brandon Lewis last month unveiled further extensions to permitted development rights for changes of use to residential.

Quarterly Housing Update Autumn 2015

Welcome to the autumn edition of Quarterly Housing Update.

Modern Slavery Act 2015

The Modern Slavery Act consolidates offences relating to human trafficking and slavery. On 29 October 2015 s.54 of the Act will come into force, requiring certain businesses to publish an annual slavery and human trafficking statement.

Project monitoring: Who’s keeping an eye on the monitors?

The growing field of project monitoring has come under scrutiny in a recent case in the TCC, with a number of useful points arising on parties’ interpretation of their contractual obligations.

6 days more for Dubai home registration

While there’s yet to be an official DLD statement regarding penalities for non-payment of the registration fee by deadline, unsubstantiated reports indicate that owners could be forced to pay double.

Modern Slavery Act 2015: What does it mean for local authorities?

Modern Slavery. Perhaps more than any others, these are two words that sound like they should be an oxymoron in 21st century Britain.

He said, she said: Oral contracts and adjudication

A recent case has highlighted the risks of oral construction contracts and the facts that have to be addressed during the adjudication process.

Today’s bill addresses those valuations ‘imperfections’

A revised version of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill looks to have dealt with ‘imperfections’ previously identified by valuers.

Housing Bill ‘gives HCA no power to enforce RTB’

The social housing regulator would be powerless under the Housing and Planning Bill to penalise housing associations who refuse to adopt the Right to Buy, according to legal and regulation experts.

Real Estate Finance Security

Find out more about our Real Estate Finance Security team.

What does the NBS BIM Toolkit have to offer?

The NBS Toolkit is a software tool through which users can draft the contents of the Employer’s Information Requirements and the various documents – BIM Execution Plan and Master Information Delivery Plan – that map the stages of production of BIM for a project.

Dubai acts to reassure international property investors over Sharia’s impact on inheritance

Following the recent set-up of the Dubai International Financial Centre Wills and Probate Registry in May, the Dubai Land Department last week announced its memorandum of understanding with the Registry in a concerted move to bolster investor confidence.

Thinking Real Estate - MIPIM UK special

A selection of articles from our Real Estate team

An autumnal storm hits the safe harbour: Why the US Data Protection Safe Harbour is not so safe

The EU Court of Justice has made an important ruling about the transfer of personal data from the EU to the US.

Keep the faith

‘Good faith’ obligations pop up everywhere – you might wonder why they need to be mentioned at all.

Councils to be forced to pay upfront to fund right-to-buy extension

Councils will be forced to pay in advance the estimated sale receipts of their high value properties in order to fund the extended right-to-buy to housing association tenants.

Paper cup

Efficiency and innovation can only go so far, care providers still need cash to achieve objectives.

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