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Brexit: what you need to know

The question which was posed in the referendum to the UK electorate on 23 June 2016 was "should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?" The outcome of the referendum was that, overall, slightly more than half of the UK citizens who voted, voted to leave.

Quarterly Housing Update Summer 2016

Welcome to the summer edition of Quarterly Housing Update.

The morning after that referendum

You might be relieved to know that that this blog contains no dodgy statistics; fails to speculate about the relative merits of the Norwegian versus North Korean trading models and absolutely does not tell you how to vote. No doubt David Cameron, Boris Johnson and others will make up for these oversights.

Housing Matters - June 2016

Welcome to the June edition of Housing Matters.

Disclosure of beneficial ownership of foreign companies buying UK property

From June 2016, the UK will be the first major country to have a publicly accessible central register showing who ultimately owns and controls UK incorporated companies and LLPs.

Delivering Good Governance in Local Government Framework - a review of the key principles

CIPFA has updated "Delivering Good Governance in Local Government: Framework", with effect from financial year 2016-17 (2016 Framework).  This blog is interested in the updated key principles as well as the requirements for the annual governance statement.

HR Law - June 2016

Welcome to the June edition of HR Law. Please click on the links below to view the articles in June's edition of HR Law

A guide to buying new builds

London's residential real estate market attracts high levels of investment from across the globe. Prospective buyers may face competition to secure properties in sought after developments.

10 things you should know about the Non–Resident Landlord Scheme

Since 1995 HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have operated the non-resident landlord scheme (NRLS) which collects the tax payable on rental income received by non-resident landlords at source as a withholding tax.

Helen Randall at the White Paper Public Procurement Conference

Helen Randall, partner at Trowers & Hamlins was invited by White Paper to address an audience of government, local authority and private practice lawyers

Prohibition on wearing a headscarf in the workplace

The Advocate General's Opinion in Achbita v G4S Secure Solutions NV has just been published and suggests that the prohibition on wearing a headscarf will not constitute direct discrimination.

Quarterly Commercial Update Spring 2016

Welcome to the spring edition of Quarterly Commercial Update.

When paralegal work is a stepping stone to a training contract

Working as a paralegal to secure a training contract can be a gamble.

Bashing out the finer details: Public sector exit payments

Under current proposals the government will be imposing a cap of £95,000 on severance payments in the public sector.

Smart Cities - the only viable option to address future urban growth?

Some of the statistics with regards to Smart Cities and the potential opportunities they offer are staggering.

Valid payment applications: don’t lose out

Whether a contractor's valuation sent by email constitutes a valid interim payment application, extraordinary case demonstrates the sharp rise in public sector tenders being taken to court.

Does the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Regime (MEES) affect you?

The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 came into force on 1 April 2016, and apply to landlords of both commercial and residential property.

Future funding and security considerations for Stock Transfer RPs

It might feel like the ink has only just dried on the LSVT Transfer documents and the last thing on the agenda for the Treasury team is how and where the next funding will come from.

Opinion: Pitfalls of ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ home purchase help

According to data from a report from Legal & General, lending from parents to their offspring to help get them on the property ladder will amount to £5 billion this year.

HR Law - May 2016

Welcome to the May edition of HR Law. Please click on the links below to view the articles in May's edition of HR Law

The Role of Housing in Good Health

Quality housing is vital to sustaining good mental and physical health.

Make sure that you’re paid as scheduled

Contractors relying on payment schedules need to check the wording.

Building Interest —— Spring 2016

Welcome to the Spring 2016 edition of Building Interest.

Avoid legal icebergs to run a company

An ostensibly simple process nevertheless has some specific areas that need careful consideration.

Procuring service concession contracts

Following our previous blog, in this instalment, we will examine the consequences of a contract falling within the definition of a concession. One of these consequences, which sets a maximum length for concession contracts, is particularly severe.

Quarterly Housing Update Spring 2016

Welcome to the spring edition of Quarterly Housing Update.

You can still put your faith in traditional UK trusts

Trusts have come in for a lot of bad press recently, especially the leaking of the 'Panama Papers' identifying some of the world's wealthiest and most influential people and, in some instances, their attempts to avoid tax.

Housing Litigation Update Spring 2016

Welcome to the spring 2016 edition of Housing Litigation Update

Low pay? It’s criminal

It is now a criminal offence for employers not to pay the National Living Wage. Construction firms will have to examine their contractual arrangements.

General Practice Forward View - an insight

On 21 April 2016 NHS England launched a "General Practice Forward View". This follows on from the Five Year Forward View launched by the NHS England Chief Executive, Simon Stephens, in October 2014, which set out a new shared vision for the future of the NHS based around new models of care.

What is a valid payment application under an interim payment regime?

A recent case debated the issue of whether a contractor’s valuation sent by email constituted a valid interim payment application under the contract – providing an important lesson for others.

Brexit: risks and considerations for UK businesses

The question which will be posed in the referendum to the UK electorate on 23 June 2016 is "should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?"

Brexit: the implications for employment law?

23 June is the date for the UK's referendum on whether to leave the EU. From the current furore raging in the press and among politicians it's clear that the issue is an emotive one.

Mind the insurance gap

JCT’s attempts to simplify construction insurance still has its limitations.

Boundaries – Where does one draw the line?

One of the most common questions we are asked by purchasers is "Where precisely is the boundary and who owns it?" There is usually no easy answer meaning that neighbour disputes arise quite frequently. There are certain processes to go through and the answer at the end may still be unclear.

Employer not allowed to unilaterally change terms of staff handbook

The Court of Appeal has held in Sparks v Department for Transport that the Department for Transport was not entitled to unilaterally change the terms of its staff handbook when these terms had been incorporated into employees' contracts of employment.

Pay now, argue later’ still stands its ground

In a recent decision of the Technology and Construction Court, we are reminded of the Court's reluctance to interfere with an adjudicator's decision.

Service concession contract or public service contract?

This is the first of two blogs about the new procurement rules for concession contracts.  The Concession Contracts Regulations 2016 will come into force in England and Wales on 18 April 2016, with the compulsory transposition of the Concessions Directive (2014/23/EU).

Arbitration: Full disclosure needed at appointment stage

The integrity of tribunals and their appointment has become more difficult to police as the volume of proceedings has risen – but it’s vital to uphold proper procedure and conduct at all times.

HR Law - April 2016

Welcome to the April 2016 edition of HR Law